Green Sharlene

Less is More

Well, I am loving the “less is more trend” that today’s economy is teaching all of us. I’m learning that when times were better, they really weren’t in terms of the amount of things we’d buy…we had too much stuff. Getting back to basics is not a new concept, but it is one I am teaching myself and our kids. Too much becomes unnecessary clutter, and that can be stressful.

I find myself cleaning out closets, and enjoying the sense of accomplishment while earning extra cash by consigning things that I’m clearing out. We have some great consignment stores in town. I also think more about purchases of small things that add up, monetarily and in the closets. I ask myself if things will last, and how soon will I be clearing it out of my way. I love to spruce up our gently used kids equipment, organize clothes that will never fit again and come to the sweet terms that I’ll never be that size I was twenty years ago. Some one else will look great in my “other” clothes and shoes that were a size smaller. Those other clothes were from another time, when my family was also smaller. I love my new size, this is where “less is more” does not apply.

I haven’t mastered the “less is more”, yet. I still have piles of laundry on the bed, and I claim I just don’t have room to put it all away. That’s not true, I’m still sorting & parting with things, donating some to good causes, and making a little extra money on the side. This makes getting organized a lot more manageable, it’s the staying organized that is a challenge… forever I think. I am shopping less, but when I do, I try very hard to SHOP LOCAL, because some retail therapy is good for me, and our local economy.

With the holidays around the corner I’ll stay focused on green gifts, with creative wrapping that can be reused. Which brings to question, what’s really wrong with re-gifting?  I say why not?  I love hand me downs with thought put into them. Some of my best purses and shoes are hand me downs. If you know someone who will love or use something you have, more than you do, by all means, give it away as a gift with a nice note telling them so.